IT Startup - Office Lockdown (stand-alone expansion)

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  • A stand-alone game expansion for 1-6 players (you don't need to own the previous "IT Startup - The Card Game" products).
  •  An expansion, to get more out of "IT Startup - The Card Game". Combine it with the older game version, and the "Corrupted Data" expansion, to get more variance!
  •  New cards! Get 96 card (62 unique ones) to build your own "IT Startup" decks.
  •  Learning new things while playing a game! It's human nature to get interested in the vocabulary used in a game you enjoy playing. When someone plays a Knowledge Card like "REST API" they may think: "what is this REST API thing, and why is it making this Software Developer more valuable?"

To learn more about the game, check our "About the game" page.

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