Frequently asked questions

1. What's the card size in "IT Startup"? I need this information for protectors!

63 × 88 mm. Identical like cards from popular card games like M:TG (Magic: The Gathering).

2. I have a question about shipping.

Please check our shipping page.

3. Can I buy this game in a Local Game Shop, Amazon or Walmart?

This online shop and our Kickstarter campaigns are currently the only place to get this game. It's just a product for a niche audience.

4. Do I need do be a programmer to play the game?

No. The game themed around leading an IT company, teaching your programmer new technology etc. but the game mechanics are easy to understand and quick to pick up. You will get more of the inside jokes if you are into IT/Programming, but as long you can read English, you should be able to play the game.

5. Is the game available in language X or Y?

The game started as a game in Poland (in Polish) and was released in English December 2020. There are some plans to maybe release it in another languages with external publishers in the future, but for now (2021) the game is only available only in English and Polish. The Polish version is available at itStartup.pl.

6. Can I build my own deck in the game?

Yes. But please remember that the game was designed as casual game, where everyone draws cards from the same deck. So you need only 1 game copy to play with friends. If you wish, you can build your custom deck and draw cards only from your deck. You just need to agree with you opponent on some deck building restrictions: only 2 copies of 1 card in a 32 cards deck etc. 3 copies of each card allowed in a 64 cards deck etc. So far the game was mostly focused on the "one shared deck" game mode, but future expansion may push the "build your own deck" mode in the future.