Turn coffee into code, watch out for burnout!


The card game for DEVs, HR and IT enthusiasts. 💾 After selling over 4000 copies in Poland "IT Startup - The Card Game" launches worldwide!

  • Play Developers to build your project.
  • Raise your DEV’s efficiency with Knowledge Cards and watch out for burnout.
  • Sabotage your opponents with Action Cards and steal their developers with HR!

"IT Startup" was originally published in Poland in 2018. 2019 a first expansion pack was printed ("Corrupted Data"), and in 2020 a Kickstarter campaign allowed us to publish an international English version of the game.

You can buy the EN Game Version by -> clicking here <-

Promo video

Opinions after the Kickstarter campaign

Wanna see more live action of the game?

So far we managed to organize 3 local tournaments. Check our vlog from one of the local tournaments to see more real life action of the original Polish game version. The background dialogues and some text bloopers from this vlogs are in Polish, but you don't really need to understand them to look at the game in action.


If you liked this vlog and want to see more "IT Startup - The Card Game" live action:

How to play - Quickstart Instruction Video and Rulebook

Click here, to get the current version of the rule book. 

Don't like reading rule books? Check out our quick start instruction video.


Tabletop Simulator Gameplay

Here are some highlight of "IT Startup - The Card Game" gameplay that happened on the "The Board & Barrel" Twitch stream!

Can I see more cards from the game?

Sure, no problem.

Author and publisher

Mateusz Kupilas - "IT Startup - The Card Game" game author and publisher. In the projects social media I often write "We" instead of "I", because it makes the project sound more professional, but the game is mostly a 1 man project + external freelancers for illustrations, DTP, translations etc.

"IT Startup - The Card Game" is an independent card game without any big company in the background. It's basically a silly side project that I dedicated a bit too much time to.

 You can buy the EN Game Version by -> clicking here <-